ECB Creations specializes in crafting handmade gifts that evoke emotions when creating, gifting, and receiving each product.  Through inspiration and originality, each gift is crafted in its own unique way, which means that no two products are the same. Small imperfections and irregularities that result from the materials used and the handmade process contribute to the uniqueness and individualization of each product and the expression of the human voice through craft. When you gift or receive a gift designed by ECB Creations, you are gifting or receiving an original item that is perfect in its own way, gets better every single time, and touches the life of everyone involved in a manner that is different for each person.

ECB Creations are crafted by hand and made from the heart.

Handmade matters! 

Sample Creations

The image below (Nandle with Roses) is a sample of the products being created by ECB Creations. Everything in the image is included in the product the consumer receives, except the display stand.

Nandles are ECB Creations’s unique and original craft designs that include items embedded in gel wax and a battery-operated tealight candle in the middle of the display. The nandles offer lighted alternatives that are environmentally friendly, flame-free, and odor-free. Nandles created by ECB Creations embrace upcycling and respect the unique and diverse needs and aversions of individuals with and without special needs. 

ECB Creations is currently creating products and updating the website. Stay tuned for more images of products that are available for sale. Products are being sold (1) in-person directly to consumers; (2) at local arts and craft fairs and pop-up shops; and (3) online.

Contact ECB Creations directly via the contact information posted on the website to purchase products directly. Stay tuned for information on dates and times for local arts and craft fairs and pop-up shops. The Shop page, where products will be posted for online sale, is under construction. Stay tuned for the official launch of online shopping. While the Shop page is being constructed, images of products will continue to be posted to this page for your preview. 

Nandle with Roses


ECB Creations is committed to making the lives of others Better Every Single Time. Therefore, ECB Creations will donate 10% of any profits earned to the medical, educational, and special needs of citizens of Grenada.

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”

—Chuck Closterman.

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